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"It depends" - the worst answer you can hear when you ask about pricing.

There are several variables that impact pricing.  We have outlined the "why" below if you care to learn, but our starting prices are in-line with the portfolio of photos.  

Variables impacting custom table prices:

  • Lumber prices - they can vary wildly.  Not just market price changes, but species.  Some lumber is 3-10x more than others.  A popular selection at the moment is a wide and thick walnut slab with live edge.  What does "wide and thick" mean to you?  When you get to a certain size, it cannot be sourced locally, which is not a problem in and of itself.  But it could mean freight charges on top of the slab cost.

  • Number of materials - do you want wood?  Wood and epoxy? Epoxy can provide an incredibly dramatic, durable, or glass-like finish, but it does require more labor and cost.

  • Drawers or other special features.  We charge approximately $200 per standard drawer, given the amount of care and labor that must go into a drawer.  

  • Level of detail on table legs.  If a specific design is required that represents a great deal of labor, we will collaborate with you, ensuring we find the cost/outcome intersection that works for you.


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